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We have combined 30+ years of experience in standard professional services.

Our goal as a full-service digital agency is to create exceptional, high quality, digital solutions that deliver real tangible value and success for our clients.

We take care of our customers with all our experts

With over 30 years of experience in delivering user-centric design and integrated digital solutions, our approach focuses on improvement and transformation through in-depth analysis, flawless integration and robust testing. Our team ensure no stone is left unturned to increase efficiencies and help grow your business or organisation.


Our goals

  • - Enable business growth Digitally

  • - Focus on Quality

  • - Push boundaries to exponent profit

We are providing best business service.


See what our customer say about us!

I loved working with Yugali! Her energy at providing a strong product for our clients was infectious. We would work together closely to ensure that there were clear requirements and then she would check in often to ensure we were meeting the needs of the project. She was professional, engaged, knowledgeable and worked well with the team.

Yugali is always looking for ways to improve the product, from understanding client needs to working with her teammates to better understand how she can add value, she was a pleasure to work with.

Stuart Freeman

CMS Specialist, Hammond Power Solutions

Yugali is a very hard worker. Yugali have good problem solving skill. She is capable to understand client requirement and convert them deliverable on time. I always recommend Yugali for all kind of IT development profile even though she is good in support too. My best wishes are always with her.

Ashish Rai

Team Lead , AurionPro Solutions

Yugali is a bright and energetic professional. She is a great team player and is willing to share knowledge and educate other members of her team. She is very detail oriented and will stick with a problem until it is solved. When given a new or challenging issue, she will run with it researching on her own or asking others for advice as needed. She is a pleasure to work with.

Ted Langewisch

Application System Engineer, North Carolina- Central Cancer Registry (NC -DHHS)

I had a pleasure working with Yugali on a cancer registry systems integration project. Yugali is extremely enthusiastic about her work. She is a dedicated worker and a great educator who is willing to share her knowledge with others. She is extremely organized, can work independently and is able to follow through to ensure that the job gets done. She would be an asset to any employer and I would highly recommend her.

Sumana Nagaraj

Application Analyst, North Carolina- Central Cancer Registry (NC -DHHS)

Manish is an experienced Java programmer with a good grasp of language fundamentals and design patterns. He has the skills of designing distributed systems and has experience in the following: Distributed cache frameworks like Coherence Messaging frameworks (TIBCO) Good knowledge of overall architecture patterns Rest Services and Spring framework.

Overall, Manish has a problem-solving attitude and the thirst to learn new technologies and frameworks. This ability drives him to solve complex problems and come up with solutions backed by a thought out detailed low-level design and implementation.

Sandeep Mahendru

VP, Wells fargo

I worked with Manish for several years. During that time I found him to be an effective, hard working, and results oriented Java developer. He was able to solve critical backend technical issues (framework, Oracle, messaging, etc) in minimal time. He showed leadership with the rest of the team and we achieved our goals together.

Tom Yurkiw

Senior Development Manager, TD

Manish has deep technical knowledge, very attentive to details. He a great team player, contributes to team discussion very often. He adapted to TD culture very quickly.

Yong Tang

Manager, TD

Manish is an excellent Java EE engineer with experience in server virtualization technologies. (Tibco/Datasynapse Fabric Server). Also he has experience with oracle Coherence. When I worked with Manish he would always finish the projects ahead of time and exceeding expectations. He has the ability to get the job done with short timelines. I would work with Manish and recommend him for any project. He would be a great asset for any company.

Juan Agudelo

Application System Engineer, Wells Fargo

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